A word of thanks

November 19, 2010

In this season of thanks, it is fitting to recognize the members of Boxford’s Democratic committee and other neighbors who put in many hours during the election season just past.   We had a vigorous get-out-the vote effort locally, thanks to the leadership of  Louise Kress.   Joan Campbell, Sharon Heller, Susan Toleos and others stepped to various tasks, from distributing lawn signs to making voter-ID phone calls to poll-checking on election day.  We have these good friends and neighbors to thank for their part in the historic statewide effort that re-elected a governor with vision and purpose and that retained a talented, progressive all-Democratic Congressional delegation.

Even more important, this mutual dedication of effort large and small strengthens our civic life, reminding us that the right to vote is not to be taken for granted and the right to disagree is part of the bedrock of our freedom.  If you care about community and these important shared American values, please join us.