In Memoriam: Franklin Pierce Pomroy

Franklin Pierce Pomroy, a popular and well-known resident of Boxford, a decorated World War II veteran, and a fondly remembered member of the Boxford Democratic Committee, passed away June 11 at his home in Boxford.

Many of us count our first recollections of Frank from our committee’s Citizen’s Circle event on the war in Iraq in March, 2007.  During the open round-table discussion, with emotion in his voice Frank told us that very recently he’d changed his party registration from life-long Republican to Democrat as a protest to President Bush’s Iraq war policy.  As a veteran, this could have been no easy step for him to take.  Frank became a member of the Boxford Democratic Town Committee that same year, and we elected him a delegate or an alternate to the state Democratic convention every year since that time.

Frank loved those conventions.  He went out early to attend the parties, attended the delegates’ breakfast sponsored by the Massachusetts Congressional delegation, and relished meeting Governor Patrick in person.  We missed Frank Pomroy’s cheery presence at this year’s convention — so much so that it has suggested to us a particularly appropriate way to remember him.  We plan to name a delegate’s seat at each year’s state convention after him:  The Franklin Pierce Pomroy Honorary Delegate from Boxford will commemorate the enthusiasm with which Frank celebrated his new-found political home in the Democratic party.

Rest in peace, dear friend.

Marianne Rutter, Chair


One Response to In Memoriam: Franklin Pierce Pomroy

  1. Cathy Carr says:

    He was my dad.. I would never be the woman I am today! Historian, traveler and my inspiration. Everyone that met him, there was a mark. I was just lucky to have a patriot that survived WWII , so that I could be born and be so loved. We always talked about Marvin Hatten.. His friend.. Died in a crater on Palileau. I know his name and remember him always for Dad and spent time meeting his parents in Chicago. Thank you Frank and Marvin forever

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