March 4 caucus elects delegates

Twenty-two Boxford Democrats caucused at the Boxford Community Center on Saturday afternoon, March 4, to elect the town’s delegation to the 2017 Massachusetts Democratic Party’s June convention.  Another dozen non-voting guests observed the proceedings.

Organized by the Boxford Democratic Town Committee, the caucus elected James C. Mulloy of Towne Road, Kenneth L. Thompson of Herrick Road, Deborah Schildkraut of Georgetown Road and Anna Sobczynski of Reddington Ridge Road as delegates; Robert J. Bonney of Towne Road, Ira Schildkraut of Georgetown Road, Sheri L. Saginor of Spofford Road and Amanda L. Bruce of Ipswich Road as alternate delegates to represent Boxford’s Democrats at the annual convention. In addition, the committee’s chair, Marianne Rutter of King John Drive, will serve as an ex officio delegate.

The newly-elected Boxford delegation then voted Anna Sobczynski the sixth annual Franklin Pierce Pomroy Honorary Delegate, honoring the memory of deceased committee member Frank Pomroy of Mill Run Road.  Pomroy, a decorated veteran of World War II, had been an active member of the committee and an enthusiastic member of its delegation for several years until his death in June, 2012.

The convention’s venue changed recently from Lowell to the DCU Center in Worcester.  It will be held Saturday, June 3.

Before the caucus convened, Jay Gonzalez, Democrat for governor, greeted those assembled and addressed short remarks to the group about his campaign.  Representatives of other elected officials were also present to answer questions, hand out information and solicit volunteers for upcoming campaigns.

After the caucus, the Boxford Democratic Town Committee held a brief business meeting at which seven new Associate Members were voted onto the committee.


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