Becoming a Member:

Boxford’s Town Democratic Committee welcomes public participation in its sponsored events.   We invite Democrats registered in Boxford  to attend our annual caucus and become delegates to the state party convention.

To become a member and be listed on the primary ballot in 2012, you must be a registered Democrat no later than August 14, 2011.  You must notify your town committee’s chair of your intention to join the committee no later than October 31, 2011.

We extend a special invitation to civic-minded registered Democrats who are interested in joining the committee.   Committee members are elected every four years in the fall presidential primary election.  In the interim, we welcome you to attend committee meetings and participate in committee-sponsored events as an at-large member.  The yearly dues of $25 enables the Committee to communicate with local Democrats and to support local Democratic causes and candidates.

Current Members

Anthony Adamopoulos

Jetta M. Aron

Lisa Lechetti Belanger

Mark Belanger

Mary Boney

Christine Cronin

Robert Cronin

Barry DeNofrio

Gertrude Freedman

Carol Golub

Herbert Golub

Sharon Heller, Secretary

Stephen Hochbrunn, Treasurer

Cherie Hoyt

Gaye Kirshman

Sarma Liepins

Maureen T. Malcolm

James Prendergast

Lorraine Prendergast

Gayle S. Rogers

Marianne Rutter, Chair

Rosalie Sedita

Brian Shea

Linda Shea

Christopher Skinner

Joan Tarleton, Corresponding Secretary

Enid Thuermer

Susan A. Toleos, Vice-Chair

William Vogel

Sandra C. Wolff

Elizabeth Zinck


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